Wednesday, January 19, 2011

McQueen Menswear Fall 2011

Artaksiniya_McQueen Menswear fall 2011
It is really amusing for me to watch all the collections where leitmotif presents clearly, not only in fabrics and textures likeness, but more by way of libretto.Menswear collections have decided superiority in this case for me. And I really adore McQueen menswear, `cause it is very interesting story all the time.
Fall 2011 is perfect, elaborated chain of intellectual`s clothes! Lots of reminiscences to soviet, white guards and pre-revolutionary Russia. I even recognize militiaman`s cap( or it reminds me cossacks cap a lot )...such a stylish digression to costume history from the hussar to post-soviet nouveau-riche. Delighted, about it!

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