Monday, April 4, 2011

The picture above is my watercolor portrait  made by my friend Augusto (Brazilian journalist and handsome man). I find it very flattering ;)
The picture beneath is a grotesque self-portrait (mad mad look ;)), as I feel myself these days.
Sometimes it`s just a mad bustle what happens around.
Being in Beijing in February, I got an invitation from Veronica (a producer in one of MTV departments). That`s would be a  quite interesting thing to receive guests in my NY-studio and spend there a whole day ;) But the thing is, I have no NY -studio yet) moreover I`ve been pretty far from US.
Getting back in Moscow, I got a similar invitation from Melbourne... What a funny lack of coincidence)
Also I owe a lunch  to a few people ;) But I became a sort of difficult to catch person lately... 
And lots of things happens which terribly amaze me. Sometimes I don`t event know what to think, really.
 It looks like there is a tiny mistake in a huge puzzle ;D But this chaos will turn to order very soon.
Today I`m back to my routine finally, and hopefully would never be such talkative as today.

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Abigayel Bryce said...

You have great artwork!