Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Most of us make living from things we do very good or even better that other people. One bakes cakes, the other one sews amazing dresses and lots and lots more or less difficult things.

No matter how crucial your job is, if you do it good you should be paid.

This long prologue is to announce that I am completely tired of e-mails with offers to hire me for free. Yes, I do work for free SOMETIMES, to show my support, to participate in smth that I love...
But today my patience is full:) I could enclose a screenshot of my inbox with a few e-mails, but it's out of ethics of course...
C'mon people, if you'd like to have smth drawn for free, you go draw it yourself :) You do not ask a free stuff at the store, at your dentist (don't you?), so why do you ask me to help  in your business for free...

I very welcome non-profit projects, which based by enthusiasts who works for free as well just to make something interesting and cool. And I gladly assist always when my help needed (if I have time).

But why should I spend a few hours/days sitting half-folded with my album, stiffen with someones brief and dead-line for free? 

I find it highly unprofessional to e-mail me with a such matter, especially when you get your salary for your job. 
If you do, keep in mind that my work also should be paid.

The most comic situation when so-called client aims to sell unpaid work, to increase sells with a help of it... 

 I prefer  reading to work with meanies who a priori pays no respect for others work by sending strange mails.

Some people are paid for sending e-mails, so the other ones should be paid for making pictures.
Fair enough :P


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