Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My todays work is inspired by Chanel show. I especially love those fur helmets, which definitely send us to Courreges` hats and also Louise Brooks` bob (one of my fave hair cut to depict). Funny to see that a person as I am -- wearing no hats and hating hair cut for myself -- confesses in such a soft spots... But it actually what our life is about -- we often love what we can`t get and, what is more important, doesn`t suit us :) I find it funny.

Ok, no more verbiage :) In the mean time, lucky Londoners heading to Fashion Illustration Gallery at Decoy evening for seeing Decoy featured originals and huge and inspiring exposition of works, including David Downton, Andy Warhol and others.
As for me, I should get rid of stress and hassel of todays by going for rumba and cha-cha in 10 min :D

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Nat.Su said...

love all the flowers and your pen marks!