Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SquareLust.com update.

Yesterday I finally update SquareLust, so you can find new pieces there. Also the last scarf with Artaksiniya`s head was sent to the customer yesterday... And I decided to quit with that collection ;) Only NEW NEW NEW.
As I am sick of the idea of mass consumption my silk scarves are limited lots, numbered by me, and OF COURSE made by me;) That`s my own view on beauty... For this reason someone could find SquareLustScarves strange. But in my Universe The Stranger The Better!
If we have same vision, you`re welcome.

Unique silk scarf is nice to have in your wardrobe: it`s cooling in heat,warming in cold, could be worn as tie,skirt,bag and whatever you want. Its generous size (100 cm x 100cm) allows...

much love :)

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