Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wrap Patterns

It is very cold in Moscow these days, so the only warming thing is thinking of coming holidays, which I foretasting like crazy.
Here are a few patterns I have made for Square Lust packaging for the festive span, but they are already minimal stock and I even had no time to picture them in flesh (Christmas rushhhh).Well, at least a few lucky persons will enjoy them...

When I started Square Lust in early 2009 I didn`t realize how many patterns would be produced)) But today, looking into my files I was truly amazed by the appalling amount of pictures that have been printed or haven`t for some reason... OMG! 

I guess there will be no updates from Square Lust till  the end of 2012. But I already have something for the beginning of 2013:) I wish we had more time to post about textile and designs stuff in future. Hopefully SL will socialize more in the future and will be more talkative.

I hope you like those patterns and see you soon!


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