Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Square Lust Bugs Tote

I was trying our new silky tote today. And I must say, it was verrrry comfortable. I always have some extra-cargo with me (although I wear small purses, if not backpack), be it albums, books,sneakers/high heels or a bunch of teddy-bears :D I`ve been suffering whole last summer  carrying all my stuff (especially blankets for idle hours in park )in random simple totes.

Now I decided to take an advantage in being an artist and finally have made my own tote.

These fictitious insect rather look like jewels, no disgust at all. I created them from zero to every infinite detail.

Double-faced tote features fro golden bugs at one side, and big golden one on another. Main color is dark green (but maybe I will add options like blue or whatever). Soon available at the site.

Will keep you posted about Square Lust news.


Jasmin H said...

Congratulations! It looks really amazing, if I didn't already have so many bags I would definitely buy one ;) , the print is so stunning!

Artaksiniya said...

:) thank you XX